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Optics (Lens and filters) Manufacture

Emolux was introduced as a dedicated brand to be used exclusively for our range of digital conversion lens, photo filters as well as other optical related accessories for digital camera lenses. Our brand vision is to provide quality optical accessories with particular focus on sharpness and clarity of digital images when used in conjunction with digital DSLR lens.

All the lenses and filters were conceptualized and developed in Singapore. Since 1999, we started on production and exportation of lenses and filters and our current range of optical related accessories are now spread over a wide spectrum of application to cover different optical requirements for DSLR lenses.

It is in our vision and commitment to focus continuously on improving the process of optical manufacture to achieve high quality optical images that will truly optimize lens performance.

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 Product Category Type
Photo Filters UV, Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density, Close up in various magnification, Special effect including Star, Diffuser etc with mounting diameter from 25mm to 86mm.
Conversion Lenses Wide angle auxiliary lens in magnification of 0.45x, 0.5x and 0.7x available in direct mounting diameter from 37mm to 58mm.
Stepping Rings Majority of step up and step down rings in different male/female threads
Adaptor Tubes For specific model of prosumer cameras to fit filters and/or conversion lenses

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