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Emoblitz was introduced as a dedicated brand used exclusively for our range of photo electronic flashes and flash related accessories. All Emoblitz flash were conceptualized, developed and manufactured in Singapore since 1995. Since our interception in flash development, we had diversified the range and include a wide range of flash models to cater to different lighting conditions.

Our brand vision is the achievement of perfectly exposed pictures in every lighting situation through development of distinctive models offering various flash control system. With the increased popularity for Digital SLR cameras, the ‘focus’ on light is not longer limited to ‘guide number’ (flash power). Rather, the ability to control the ‘exact amount’ of lighting consistently had become the essence of well exposure pictures. It is our consistent commitment to research, develop and accumulated experience which enables us to improvise and provide better lighting solution.

In tandem with our philosophy and objective to achieve the perfect exposure for every lighting condition, we will remain focused on the continual improvement in the area of ‘light’ and to provide quality electronic flash with increased functionality.

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 Year Flash Model Introduction and Manufacture Camera Type
1997-1999: 360AF 940LCD 724AF Powerzoom TTL dedicated flashes Powerzoom TTL dedicated flashes with LCD display Basic TTL dedicated flashes Analog (film) AF SLR cameras
2000-2001: 280AZ DS328AZ Basic automatic electronic flash Automatic slave flash with preflash masking Analog (film) manual SLR cameras Prosumer digital cameras
2002: 828DF Universal slave flash with capability to learn and syn with all preflash profile *First in the industry to incorporate self learning flash profile All digital cameras (Compact and DSLR)
2003: DS318A Compact auto slave flash with preflash masking features Compact digital cameras
2004-2006: D728AF D35AF Basic TTL dedicated flashes High Power Digital TTL dedicated flash DSLR cameras
2007 DRF14 World first TTL dedicated macro ring flash (circular flashtube) DSLR cameras


D300AZ/S DS330TW

Powerzoom TTL dedicated flashes with EV control

DSLR cameras
Basic automatic flash with vary auto control Auto Twin flash with preflash masking

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