Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the AF illumination on the flash is not working?

First, check whether your lens is set to manual focus. AF illumination will not be activated when lens focusing is set to manual focus.
Second, check whether your camera has AF illumination feature. Cameras such as powershot G series supports only camera AF.

Q: How do I activate the flash AF illuminator?

There is no setting to turn on the AF illuminator on the flash as it will turn on automatically in low lighting condition when the shutter button is being depressed halfway.

Q: Why is the flash taking a long time for recharge?

The batteries are weak. Replace all 4 batteries of the same type and brand. Mixing batteries of different brand or type will deteriorate the performance of the flash.

Q: Why is the lighting intensity different?

This would depend on the focusing area and subject, as well as the batteries strength. Instances with different focusing point, subject color and weak batteries will cause inconsistency in final lighting result.

Q: How do I find out whether a particular flash is compatible with my camera?

For camera compatibility, please download the respective model here (link to camera compatibility chart selection).

Q: What is the difference between TTL and non TTL flash?

Flash system utilizing TTL automatically control the exact amount of lighting to fill in underexposed area. Non TTL flash usually fires in either auto mode (in which the amount of lighting is controlled by the sensor built in the flash) or full manual mode (consistent amount of lighting).

Q: Is there any type of batteries which are not suitable to be used on the flash?

Generally all types of batteries could be used. Recommended battery type is NiMH.

Q: Why the flash is not able to fire after I mount the flash?

Check to ensure the flash is fully inserted into the DSLR flash hotshoe and secure by rotating the retaining ring.


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